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MISSION OF COAL INDIA - To produce and market the planned quantity of coal and coal products efficiently and economically in an eco-friendly manner with due regard to safety, quality and conservation. VISION OF COAL INDIA - To emerge as a global player in the primary energy sector committed to provide energy security to the country by attaining environmentally & socially sustainable growth through best practices from mine to market.

Executive Transfers/ Promotions Notices

Sl No.DateDescriptionView
1 02.02.2023Transfer Order of EandM Executives EE337.Click Me
2 30.01.2023Transfer of Sri B Singh, CM (Min) - EE-313.Click Me
3 28.01.2023Transfer of Mining Discipline Executive - EE-280.Click Me
4 24.01.2023Transfer/Posting of executives of Mining Discipline.Click Me
5 18.01.2023Transfer of Survey Discipline Exeutives- EE-180.Click Me
6 18.01.2023Transfer of Sri S S Masanta, Asst. Manager (Min) - EE-179.Click Me
7 14.01.2023Transfer-Posting of executives of MM Discipline.Click Me
8 11.01.2023Constitution of Ad Hoc Committee on Legal Cases.Click Me
9 11.01.2023Posting of Sri Gairik Mukherjee, Manager (Personnel).Click Me
10 11.01.2023Retention Order of Ms. Kajari Das (90218595), Sr. Manager (personnel), ECL - OO No. B-21 dated 09.01.2023.Click Me
11 11.01.2023Transfer/Posting of executives of Personnel Discipline.Click Me
12 10.01.2023Transfer of Medical Executives.Click Me
13 06.01.2023Transfer/Posting of executives of System Discipline.Click Me
14 06.01.2023Promotion/Transfer Order from E-6 to E-7 grade in Excavation Discipline.Click Me
15 31.12.2022Transfer of Mining Discipline Executives EE-3889.Click Me
16 29.12.2022Transfer of Mining Discipline Executives EE-3878.Click Me
17 28.12.2022Posting of Sri Lakshman Mondal, Asst. Manager (Min).Click Me
18 28.12.2022Promotion-Transfer Order from E-6 to E-7 grade in Excavation Discipline.Click Me
19 27.12.2022Order no. B-940 dated 20.12.2022- Promotion to the post of Executive Director (Engineering and Equipment).Click Me
20 27.12.2022Promotion Order from E-6 to E-7 grade in Mining Discipline.Click Me
21 27.12.2022Transfer Order of Excavation Executive.Click Me
22 27.12.2022Transfer Order of E and M Executives- EE3821.Click Me
23 26.12.2022E6-E7 Promotion Order of Survey, Personnel and Medical Discipline.Click Me
24 24.12.2022Transfer-Posting of Mining Discipline Executives - EE-3739.Click Me
25 21.12.2022Transfer of Sri Manoj Kr Mishra, Ch. Manager (Min) - EE-3716.Click Me
26 14.12.2022Office Order no. 3661 and 3662 dated 14-12-2022, regarding promotion or release of executives in Mining Discipline.Click Me
27 12.12.2022Transfer Order of Executives of Excavation discipline.Click Me
28 12.12.2022Office order in respect of Md. Osamah, Manager(Mining), EIS. No.90268533, Sodepur Area - Reg. - 3638.Click Me
29 07.12.2022Office Order No.3600 in respect of executive posted at Rajmahal Area, ECL.Click Me
30 07.12.2022Office Order No. 3599 in respect of Syed Sahadat Ali, EIS No. 90370669, Asst. Manager (Min) for his posting at Bankola Area, ECL.Click Me
31 05.12.2022Transfer order no.3590 in respect of Sri Anup Kumar Boipai, Dy. Manager (Mining), EIS No.90311036, Kenda Area, ECL.Click Me
32 05.12.2022Transfer order no.3589 in respect of Mining Executive of Kunustoria Area and Sripur Area, ECL.Click Me
33 29.11.2022Office order of Sri Sarvesh Kumar as HOD (EandM).Click Me
34 29.11.2022Release order of Sri Prahalad Kumar Bharti Asst. Manager(Excv) from ECL to BCCL.Click Me
35 29.11.2022Transfer Order of E and M Executives - EE3542.Click Me
36 29.11.2022Transfer Order of Excavation Executives - EE3534.Click Me
37 25.11.2022Transfer order of Sri Prasenjit Sinha, Chief Manager(EandM) from Sonpur Bazari to Satgram Area.Click Me
38 21.11.2022Transfer Order No.3498 in respect of Executives of Mining Discipline of Rajmahal, Mugma, Sonepur Bazari, SP Mines and Salanpur Area- reg.Click Me
39 21.11.2022Transfer Order No. 3497 in respect of Sri Surendra Ram, Sr. Manager(Mining), EIS.90164252 Safety Department, ECL HQ- reg.Click Me
40 18.11.2022Transfer Order of Survey Discipline Order No 3482.Click Me
41 18.11.2022Posting of Dy. GM-HoD (Geology, Mine Closure Plan, Geo-Tech Cell and New Initiative) ECL Order No 3481.Click Me
42 18.11.2022Nomination/ Posting of Maj. Shardendu Tiwari, Sr. Manager (Security) as Liaison Officer for ESM Reservation Order No 3480.Click Me
43 14.11.2022Transfer of Mining Discipline Executives - EE-3454.Click Me
44 10.11.2022Transfer Order MandS 3433.Click Me
45 10.11.2022Transfer Order Geology3274.Click Me
46 08.11.2022Transfer-Posting of Mining Discipline Executives - EE-3407.Click Me
47 08.11.2022Transfer-Posting of Mining Discipline Executives - EE-3406.Click Me
48 05.11.2022Transfer order of Sri Debabrata Ghosh Chief Manager (Excv) from ECL to CIL HQ.Click Me
49 04.11.2022Scrutiny Committee for Non-Ex to Ex selection and GATE-2022 DV process - OFFICE ORDER EE-3369.Click Me
50 04.11.2022Scrutiny Committee for Non-Ex to Ex selection and GATE-2022 DV process - OFFICE ORDER EE-3368.Click Me
51 31.10.2022Release order of Sri Subhajyoti Jana Manager (EandM).Click Me
52 28.10.2022Office Order - Area Engineer Excavation in different areas.Click Me
53 22.10.2022Office Order of Executives of Finance Discipline - EE-3278 Dt 22 October 2022.Click Me
54 22.10.2022Transfer-Posting of executives of Geology Discipline at Mine Closure Cell, ECL HQ.Click Me
55 22.10.2022Transfer Orders of Mining Discipline - EE-3276.Click Me
56 22.10.2022Transfer Orders of Mining Discipline - EE-3275.Click Me
57 22.10.2022Transfer Orders of Mining Discipline - EE-3273.Click Me
58 22.10.2022Transfer Orders of Mining Discipline - EE-3272.Click Me
59 22.10.2022Transfer Orders of Mining Discipline - EE-3271.Click Me
60 20.10.2022Office order of HOD Excavation Department ECL HQ.Click Me
61 20.10.2022Posting of Sri Sanjay Kumar Singh, Sr. Manager (Min) - EE-3252.Click Me
62 20.10.2022Transfer of 2 MTs of Mining Discipline - EE-3250.Click Me
63 20.10.2022Transfer of Mining Discipline Executives - EE-3253 (Corrigendum).Click Me
64 19.10.2022Transfer of Mining Discipline Executives (EE-3244).Click Me
65 19.10.2022Transfer of Mining Discipline Executives (EE-3243).Click Me
66 14.10.2022Posting of Sri B.D. Chattopadhyay, GM Excavation on transfer from BCCL to ECL.Click Me
67 06.10.2022Office Order No. 3191 dated 06th October 2022 regarding transfer of Executives of Personnel Discipline in ECLClick Me
68 01.10.2022Personnel Discipline Transfer OrderClick Me
69 27.09.2022Transfer order EandMClick Me
70 20.09.2022Regarding Transfer Order of Ms Akansha, EIS No. 90394016, MT (EandM).Click Me
71 19.09.2022Transfer order of Sri Devendra Nath Chaudhury (EIS no 90035833), Chief Manager (Excavation).Click Me
72 17.09.2022Promotion and transfer order of Sri Ajoy Bhowmick, EIS no 90165457, Chief Manager (EandM).Click Me
73 17.09.2022Transfer of Sri Tapash Kumar Sarkar, Ch. Manager (Min).Click Me
74 13.09.2022Transfer-Posting (Personnel) 2210 to 2213.Click Me

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